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M.RAGE x Chizuworks


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SYSTEM_ERROR// Please refer to diagnostic below before use!

What is a B_GRADE?

As M.RAGE prides itself on providing the most quality products to our pilots, our team meticulously inspects each product before they leave our warehouse. Occasionally, some of our products do not meet our rigorous quality control standards and are taken out of circulation. Our B_GRADE sales offer these items at a significant discount. These items are brand new, not returned or preowned and still come with our quality guarantees. All accessories unless otherwise specified are included in the package.


FAULTY LOCK-MECHANISM: M-PAK was taken out of circulation due to a failure in the programmable, three-combination lock system. This bag is still 100% usable but will no longer be able to access the locking function.

SURFACE BLEMISH: M-PAK was removed from circulation due to a blemish or surface indentation in the hardshell frame. Lock mechanisms are tested and still fully functioning and the bag is otherwise in perfect condition.

Our meticulous inspection process assures that these are the only issues with the bag.

Any other issues not described will be covered under our quality satisfaction guarantees. Please note however we may not be able to offer a replacement depending on the availability of B_GRADE units left.

Learn more about the M-PAK here.