About Us




We at M.RAGE believe in supporting talented, local artists in producing only the best, original content for our pilots. We vow to never steal art as we believe in setting an example in the street-wear and small brand community, meaning that any art sold from our store will never be stolen, traced, or copied. We firmly believe that the anime/streetwear community has a major problem in enabling people to steal art from other creators for profit.

Unfortunately, taking a screencap from an anime and slapping it onto a t-shirt is a practice that has been going on for far too long and we at M.RAGE believe that such actions should be shunned in the anime/streetwear scene. Many, talented artists spend years honing their crafts and M.RAGE will always respect the time and dedication that artists undertake. Additionally, M.RAGE will never produce art featuring characters or intellectual property that we do not own the explicit rights to. While we appreciate the fandom community and believe it's an integral part of the artist community, M.RAGE seeks to produce our own, original concepts. If it does not belong to us, we will not sell it, plain and simple.

If you are a small time artist that agrees with our message and are potentially interested in being featured, feel free to contact us at contact@mdotrage.com M.RAGE is always searching for talented artists to collaborate and work with. All artists are always listed as official collaborators and credit will always be provided on any website or social media posts.

Our Team

Sugi - Co-Founder & Lead Designer
  • Leads M.RAGE design team and company direction
  • Manages product and website design
  • Coordinates manufacturing to ensure high quality products 
  • Establishes partnerships with other organizations
Narrzi - Co-Founder & Public Relations

Narrzi is a longtime member of the SoCal cosplay community, building custom cosplays from the ground up. Well-versed in the streetwear and cosplay community, Narrzi keeps M.RAGE on the right track. Many pieces are assembled with her skilled hands and not a single product is shipped out without being properly inspected by her.

No missing seams on her watch!

Floyd - Event Coordinator

  • Organizes convention and event logistics
  • Regulates inventory 
  • Supervises sales and advertising team during events
  • Assists team in daily functions