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Return/Refund Policy

Unfortunately M.RAGE does not offer returns or exchanges at this time. Returns will be provided only for products with manufacturing defects or shipment errors. If the product is no longer in stock, then we may provide a refund.

If you have an item that is believed to be defective, please contact us within 7 days on: Or message us via our website web-form.

Size Exchanges

Due to growing operational costs and demand for our product, we are no longer accepting size exchanges at this time. We are trying our best to keep our prices as low as possible, while maintaining a quality product. As company policy, we do not send out returned products to customers regardless of their condition.

In the event we make an exception to this rule, the customer will be responsible for the shipping fees to send the product back and ship them a new product.

We highly recommend measuring yourself using our providing sizing instructions to pick out the size best suited for you.

Our sizes are very similar to standard US jacket sizing. If you wear a large in every jacket you've ever purchased, you will definitely be a large with us.

If you are often between two sizes, then we always suggest sizing up.

Shipping and Delivery Times

All new orders will be placed in our queue section after payment processing until the order is quality-checked, packaged and shipped. Once the order has shipped, customers will be notified via e-mail and given a tracking ID. 

NOTICE: Due to the massive influx of orders and customers verifying the wrong addresses, we are experiencing slower processing and shipping times across the board. Please expect shipment to take up to 3 weeks from when you purchase. We apologize for the inconvenience, we are a small team of people trying to meet the growing demand.

If your order is listed as "Pre-Shipment Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item" please note that the shipping label has been generated, but we have yet to fully pack your order.

International Shipping

M.RAGE now offers international shipping options!

Please note, due to certain licensing and contract restrictions, we are not authorized to sell certain products internationally.

Please note: International sales are final. Returns will only be provided for products with manufacturing defects.
Please ensure your size selection and shipping address is correct before shipment. It is the buyer's responsibility to adhere to local laws when purchasing.

Please refer to the following list for shipping availability:

  • International Shipping:
    - All M.RAGE original products
    - VShojo collaboration products

  • Canada & United States Only
    - Guilty Gear -Strive- collaboration products
    - River City Girls collaboration products

  • United States Only
    - None

Changing Your Shipping Address

For Address change inquiries, you can now edit your own address yourself!

> CHANGING ADDRESSES: If you need to change your address, you can do so by finding the order confirmation sent to your e-mail. Simply click the "View Your Order" button and it will take you to a page where you can edit your address.

Please note that you cannot change your address once your package is shipped.

Item Returned to Sender

One of the most common issues we experience are customers forgetting to put their apartment our house number on their shipping address.
In these cases, USPS will return your package to sender, as they cannot deliver it to the address.

Unfortunately, if a package is sent back to us, our shipping services charge the same amount to reship the package, meaning that this cost will be invoiced to the buyer. Please note that these orders may take up to 2 weeks from receiving to reprocess, as reshipment gets placed into the end of the shipping queue.

If you make a mistake on your address, you can change it yourself! Simply find the instructions stated above.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policies

Don't worry, we hate spam too.
M.RAGE does not collect your data, sell your data or use your data for any other reason than to advertise our products and provide product support for M.RAGE products.

Here you can view our full published Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce M.RAGE?

M.RAGE can be pronounced M-DOT-RAGE or M—RAGE. Whichever is most natural. Both versions can be used interchangeably. When spelling out the name, the name should always be fully capitalized, "M.RAGE | ASTRAL SYSTEMS" is the full name of the brand.

Do you have a physical store?

Yes! You can view the M.RAGE collection at Sora Gumi, a storefront located in the heart of Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. For more information on Sora Gumi, please view this page.

NEW! We will be partnering with Sora Gumi again to open up a new location in The Source, OC!

Is M.RAGE a dropshipping brand?

Absolutely not. We are a small team of designers located in Los Angeles that pride ourselves on providing quality products and original designs to our customers. All products are stored in-house by our team and not a single package leaves our warehouse without being quality-checked and packaged by one of our team members. Additionally, many of our products are meticulously hand-assembled here in Los Angeles.

Brands that utilize the dropshipping method often sell stock products from websites like aliexpress and at egregiously marked up prices. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this business model, you are usually purchasing the exact same product that you can find on aliexpress for 300%or higher markup.

You will not find M.RAGE designs outside of our store and by purchasing our products, you are supporting local designers and the artists that we collaborate with!

Are you interested in collaborating with my brand, organization or company?

We would love to discuss collaborations! M.RAGE has collaborated with many gaming organizations and local artists to produce the products that we are most passionate about. The M.RAGE team is experienced and prepared to assist with all of your merchandising needs, from design to production and order fulfillment. 

Please e-mail us at or use our online contact page if you would like to discuss business opportunities.

Are you hiring?

We are currently searching for experienced artists and designers to help expand the M.RAGE brand. Please forward your portfolio or social media via e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as we can! 

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