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Model: iPhone 14
5 available.


Illustration by Belial43157741

Designed by M.RAGE | Astral Systems 

Available for iPhone 14 and Samsung S22 Galaxy Models

Akane Taichou is the hotheaded captain of the elite, SENGOKU CRIMSON team. The AKANE phone case will protect your phone with our stylish, custom design printed underneath a glossy acrylic surface. Rubber bumpers give the user an excellent grip on their device, while also protecting from drops and falls.

A custom, LED chipset allows our case to flash a variety of different colors, activated whenever the case detects sound coming from your device. It will cycle, flash and strobe colors according to the beat of any music played from your device or it will activate whenever your phone receives a notification.

Although the case utilizes your phone's battery, it has been tested to use approximately 1% of your phone's battery over a 10 hour day. Our phone cases can be conveniently unplugged without removing the case. We recommend unplugging the case whenever watching videos or playing games on your phone.

Our cases are both wireless charging and screen protector friendly.

Notice: Design might be slightly different dependent on phone model. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Model: iPhone 14